Farscape Tv Show Yellow Drd Build


Oh man @DJ and I were talking about this project the other day. Whenever I see a flexible black LED light it reminds me that I really want a DRD too ;D


Lol how many do you guys want? Winky


I think 500-6,000 should be enough


One at a time?


Sweet, 6000 units , estimated ship date December of 2021 , will that be monopoly money or rupees?



Christmas is right around the corner , you never know what Santa might bring.


How many monopoly sets do you want in exchange? Grin


All fun aside, let me know if you cast extras. I would be interested In one.


PS ... LOL ..... that would only leave 5999 for DJ.


I'll need two, one to paint yellow and one to pain red white and blue for 1812.


Hello everyone , I will look forward to making a mold of my master soon. I believe the copies will be fiberglass or polyurethane based resin.