Happy 4th. Anniversary Ez-robot Welcome E2-d2 Logo Droid


Happy 4 th Year Anniversary to EZ-Robot and all the team! To commemorate this occasion XLRobots has design a gift for the team. Introducing The E2-Z2 Logo Droid. The video has all the details.


Here's a size comparison against the XLR-ONE Mini.

User-inserted image

Kinda like a New version of Artoo and 3-PO.


Very cute. It would be even cuter if the "head" part could raise and lower. Ability to rotate when in the raised position. That notwithstanding, it's another great design.


congrats ez robot.

great gift


He is very cool.


Anthony, You continue to design cool things that bring smiles to us all ! Thanks,

Happy Anniversary EZRobot

Happy Birthday E2-Z2..



Thanks guys, wait to see it live.


Thanks for the happy anniversary wishes guys! And thanks Anthony for designing a bot for the occasion, it'll be fun to have him roaming around the office Smile