talking about selling.1000 units in less then minut.

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wasted money?only japanese can by him.


It's a waste of money no matter who buys it....


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funny pic!

Made my day


That's a great validation for the robotics market. I believe they were customers who had a pre-order status because they were marketing the product well before it was for sale. Technically, it took them over a year for 1,000 sales and they simply collected and processed the credit cards within a minute. The japanese generally put strange "twists" on things like that Smile

As for market validation, it's great news!



1000 sold a year is not bad.and yes they have a strange way off selling stuff.


This is just one of a lot of signs that the home robotic market is gaining a lot of momentum. There are new successfully funded kickstarters almost weekly. Many of these are funded by over 200% and then start making stretch goals.

The home is ready for robots if they are not too lifelike or too large.


I think much of the home robot sales are from people who just want one because they are cool. Some will be interested in them for what they are, but many fewer than the new and hip crowd. 70% of them will be garage/yard/Craig's List sale items in a year or two. In the case of the larger ones, like Pepper, clothes racks. The newness will wear off all too soon. Like the kids who show interest in astronomy and their parents get them a cheap telescope on a cheap mount. Most of the kids will get frustrated with the crappy images and hard to adjust mounts and forget it. It's the ones truly interested who will continue. Even improve the mount using a barbeque grill motor and some string (that's what I did).

In the end, that doesn't matter since the initial rush will bring down prices and cause others to jump onto the bandwagon with newer, better, bigger models. And prices will come down for everything associated with them. Not to mention the great new devices that will be brought to the market. That's one thing about the electronics industry. You can't blame it for inflation. Unlike many things, like cars, prices go down constantly yet quality improves, often dramatically. If prices stay the same it's only because the device gets bigger and bigger, like TVs.

It's going to be an interesting and great time whatever happens. Buckle up! Keep hands inside the vehicle and enjoy the ride. I know I will.