Xlrobots Now Making Add-ons For Revolution Robots


Greetings fellow EZ-Robotians, I decided to start making some cool add-ons for the Revolution robots. First on the list is JD. The only thing that bothers me with JD is the back. The wires exposed drives me nuts. Such a cute robot deserves the option to hide his private parts so to speak. So the first add-on i designed is the JD-Backpack. Stylish and functional. The backpack attaches to the 4 screw openings via pressure fit. When the Backpack is in place all wires and the v4 are out of sight. The Backpack has 3 openings to allow the servo connectors to be attached. 2 openings are at each side behind the arms and one under the rear of the Backpack. Im printing it out now to test and if all goes well i will put it up on the site.The next few items for JD will be Mini Claws, New Shoes, Advanced Design Head. After I get those done I'll do Roli then Six.

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Nice concept ! I also like the idea of JD "covering up"..

I'm in.....



that is very cool and usefull,love it


where goes the wires thru from the head&neck?


What would be great is if you offered for sale the STL/STEP file for a reasonable price and then us folks with 3d printers can go that route and print our own.


That's great news! I have been working on ways to do that without a having a 3D printer. In addition, I have wanted a few things of my own on a new body unit.

A feature I would like would be a slot on the back, either open or with some sort of door that could be used as a point to allow for battery removal and insertion. IOW, someplace to allow for battery change out so that one could keep additional batteries on charge at all times. This could be a product of a longer JD body. Basically, extend the length enough for this access. Things are really tight inside now I also thought about lengthening it enough for a larger battery to be installed, but then weight might become a issue.

I would also like to see a place for a power adapter plug to be used on the body, allowing for bypassing the battery and running directly off an external power supply. Of course, when unplugged, it would automatically revert to battery operation. Again, a longer body would help in doing that.

Another idea I had was a set of lower body servos like the shoulder servos. Also coming out the sides, just as the shoulder servos do. These new servos would be for attaching the legs to allow for something like the ball and socket pivot joint in a human leg. They would take the place of the upper leg servos on the current version of JD. I would see them as being placed somewhat higher (from the bottom) than the shoulder servos are from the top. Giving JD a bit of a butt. This arrangement would allow for better sitting on a seat (as I am trying to implement now), as opposed to sitting directly on the floor. To sit on a seat now he is actually sitting on the servos and the seat has to be just the right height (or a little higher) for it all to work out. A butt would take care of that and allow for more variation in seat height.

I had thought about doing all that I wanted by attaching another body to the first. This gave me what I wanted plus an extra battery. Not to mention a place for an additional EZ-B. I tried it but weight soon became an issue even without the battery installed in the second body. I decided some extra length on the first body would be better. I've got an another set of legs on order along with another EZ-B to makeup a body and legs only arrangement for experimenting with using a set of lower servos for bipedal locomotion. IF it ever gets here that is. *stress*


Wow, I was going to maybe use Shapeways to print out the Revolution add-ons but damn, the price to print in basic pla type plastic is $90! That is ridiculous. I was only considering out sourcing because the machine they use would be better with the supports removal. But after thinking a bit, i'll use the Rep 2x and use water soluble filament instead.


Ok, printed one out at 5% infill just to see if it fits. Well it fits nicely and does the job of hiding the wiring. Heres a video of the Backpack up close.


Just a reminder ..... Leave enough room to snake in the camera wiring. This is a real nice idea. Looking great.


This is Great! Can't wait to order one.