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Hello all, Im getting ready to launch my XLRobots TV weekly series mid August. I will be committed to post at least 1 video per week( New ones on Saturdays, who's kidding who, I think I will be posting much more than 1). The videos will be in categories-
1) 3D Prininting-Tips and Tricks for Perfect Prints.
2) Robo-Control- Working with the EZ-B V4.
3) 3D modeling for Beginners.
4) Keeping up with the XLR-ONE Mini.
5) Tutorials- Basic How To Videos.
6) XLRobots Vlog Series- Up to date info on XLRobots products and services.

So go and Subscribe to the XLRobots channel and automatically be entered to win a XLR-ONE Mini Robot kit($400) value!

Winner will be announced on September 15th. 2015 and will be featured on a XLRobots video via Skype!
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XLRobots TV


Hello Anthony,

i was at you new website and i see you both robots.

First question i can buy this robots from you.... Is this Kit a full working robot with everything what i see, so with Controller in the body, with EZB4 Controllers inside, with Servos? Because Base Kit it sounds not complete.

And where is the difference between the big and the mini? (ok the size)
But you wrote the also other diffrences.


Really nice Robot do you made!

Do you have a promo video how the robot can drive, or about his possibilies?


@rentaprinta Unfortunately we are only shipping in the US for now. The cost for us to ship a $400 kit to Germany is $298 US. That is insane. The Kit contains all the 3D printed parts which is the entire robot minus the battery,servos and controller. Those items are available from the site and are sold separately. There are many differences from the XLR-ONE and the XLR-ONE Mini. First major difference is the arm system, followed by the XL-Connect wire system and the X-Clips just to point out a few. You can see the bot in action during the testing period at out Youtube channel.


Hello Anthony,

thats really insane.

But i will follow you Project!

I will check your Youtube channel as well.

And of course i subcribe your XLRobots TV!

Best from Berlin



Thanks for understanding Boris. Once Int'l shipping becomes an option I will email you.