Well It Is Official. Cochran Robotics Inc Gp Is A Company



i asked also for this, we will see.

What is your opion?

Better is to take the expensive 600€ Board with USB connection to the PC?


Boris, with the USB board we can just plug and go (using their software) and we would instantly see how good the device is. Doing it the UART way means we have to build the interface first before we can evaluate anything. I am happy to pay for the USB (evaluation board) if we can find one in stock anywhere.



It depends on if you are going to be buying one or buying 1000. If you are buying one to use in a single project, I would say that there would be much less head scratching with the expensive board. It should be pretty easy to write some code in C# or some other PC based dev language to get the data from the usb.

If you are marketing a product like Tony and I are, it is much better to get the cheaper one and figure out how to make it work correctly with our particular devices.



@david: so my problem is i can´t programmed in C#. I only can use stuff from other people.... ;-(

@toymaker: i see in mouser.de there are 8 in stock (with Converter Board)


PS: And i see 3 Board (without Converter) sold in the last hour ;-)

who bought them ;-)


Boris, It looks like there is a reason to learn a new and very valuable skill Smile I don't know if their software will do much more than display the information from the board. I think that you will need to either wait until someone has interfaced with it for the EZ-B, Arduino or PIC and see if they will be willing to share what they have done. I wont know which path I will go down until I get the board in my hands and have some time to play with it.


Boris, they have 8 on order which (I think) means they have no stock and are awaiting for them to come in. The UART boards are in stock though.



Hi Tony,

anything news from the B5T HVC Board.

Do you get one?



I have the production board and the documents necessary to write something to communicate to it. Tony had me pickup a dev board also. It looks like it is about 2 weeks out from delivery. We will be able to see how it works with this board to see if it is worth messing with or not. I dont want to plug up the prod board until the proof from the dev board is complete. After it has been proven that it is worth the work, I will start writing.

My project will be dependant on Windows 10 which is supposed to start releasing tomorrow. I haven't written any code or modified any code yet because of this.


Hi Dave!

Nice to hear from you again!

Yeahh Windows 10 comes in Germany tomorrow @ 6:00 in the morning.

So only 10 hours waiting.

I will install the new Version to my InMoov Notebook. I hope it will be better in Speech Reco.

I hope you are able to find out a connection between this Board and EZB4

And i hope also the board is usefull, because the features for face reco are really cool.

The Story with DNS, i think so, we can put on ice.

Maybe the Win 10 will solve the problem.



Yea, DNS with the extra cost per device is not very practical. The cloud seems to be the way to go. I will be experimenting with it soon enough.