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Galapagos Bot

Assistance Requested

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atomsk claims to have checked these sources:

Hello, I just got my Galapagos Bot and I believe I have a minor issue. I am able to communicate with it and see the video feed and all that but I can not send the movement commands. This may be an error on my part so any advice would be nice. Also at start up when all servos move I have one of the 8 that is unresponsive, I have hooked it into other ports and still no movement, please advise. Thank you.

I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

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Im working with Nomad right now to fix the script issue he has. If nobody else helps when I complete that, I would be happy to help you out.


@atomsk Are you connected to the ezb? Follow this tutorial in order to connect your ezb to you PC and to ez builder ...Connecting to your EZB4


Thanks guys, I'm new to this so let me know when you're done with the script, that may be my movement issue.


Yep Richard, I connected through WiFi and can see my video feed fine so I know that's working as well as seeing the audio being picked up, just the movement commands are not sending through.


When you put your robot together, did you plug the servo motors into the ports that were specified in the build screens?


also, make sure that when you plug them in that the black cable is connected to the black pin on the EZ-B.


Looks like you solved the problem David.... No sure how, but great job dude... LOL

@atomsk The camera will work without your ezb being connected so that's why I asked... Smile


I saw that. I owe you a beer when I get to Canada.


I followed the build guild and hot the dead servo, so moved around just the one to make sure it wasn't a dead port, still no movement so put it back in place after to keep the servo map correct