No Answer From The Pc Speaker



today i work a little bit with the EZB Software.

I make a new Project and i added 1x "Speech Recognition" and 1x "Speech Settings"

I made a new Phrase

for Example "Hello Robot" and Command Say( "Nice to see you" )

So everything fine .. my Phrase will be recognize ( i see it in the small window) but no sound form the PC speaker ( I must be " Nice to see you")

So the easiest thing, but i donĀ“t get it!

What i do wrong?



I still work without a EZB4 Controller only Notebook + Webcam/Mic


Im am going to start with the basics and work up from there.
Does your PC play other sounds from other applications?
Is your volume muted on your PC?
Can you share your project on the cloud so that I may look at it and test it here?




I add the "Speech Synthesis" and i hear "Hello Human"!

Ok its the Boris_voice_test



okay, downloading it now. let me take a look just to make sure something isnt weird on it.


for some reason I cant get it. is it marked as a public project?


No its public.

All Tags "on" and the 3 marks/arrows off and search for Boris

there it is


Also on the webpage i found me


I found it, just cant download it for some reason.

Okay, let me make one and I will post it.


there is one that I have shared called test for rentaprinta.

see if you can download it and test to see if it works for you. The speech recog item is the same that you posted above.


Yes, i got it, but no sound comes back.

I try now on 2 Computers, but still the same.