Xlr-one Mini Robot Platform


Ok heres a video of the drive train. Let me know what you guys think.


I like it, seems to have plenty of torque and speed.
How much does it weigh?
What Model servos are for the powertrain?
What battery pack are you using?

Wish now I would have gotten me a mini vs XLR1 Full size...... *confused*

PS: When are you moving into your new studio?


@69developer the drive train as shown in the video is 2lbs. The fully assemble bot without hardware is 4.6lbs. The servos are the AR-3603HB High Speed Robot Servo by Power HD. The battery that will be in it is the Power Sonic 6v 9Ah battery.
You could get 2 x mini XLR-ONE's if you like. As for my studio, we have been delayed yet again because our first deal fell through due to a huge amount of unpaid taxes by the seller of the property we were buying. So were waiting for the new deal to go to closing. Hopefully soon.


OK really cracking down and making strides to have the XLR-ONE series v2 and the Mini be greater than the first XLR-ONE v1. One of the suggestions i recently received in an email was to be able to remove parts from the body. The first XLR-ONE was mostly glued together which meant if you wanted to change a claw you had to carefully use a knife and pry it off and re-glue the other claw. So i fiddled with the idea of a clip like the ez-bits. The only thing was i didnt want the clip to show like they do on the Revolution bots. So i played around with a few ideas and ended up with he clip you see below in the video. I call it he "X-Clip". Smooth on and off application and very strong. Printed at 50% the X-Clips are added to the 2 joining parts separately. Each X-Clip is uniquely design to flush fit each of the 2 parts to form a flowing design. A square end blends to fit a round end as seen in the video. More to follow on the X-Clip.


Nice joining method. I was wondering though if it would be possible to offer claws using the current EZ-Bits clip as well? Mostly I want to use them with my JD. And, in that regard I would like to use a mini 3-finger claw as opposed to the solid claw currently shown.


@WBS00001 I have the 3-finger claw mini for JD.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Maybe add a small detent area so the two pieces sliding together will semi lock in place. This would also help it stay in place.


@69developer It fits snug and clean against the base. Im not sure what your trying to say.
User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Thank you for your reply concerning the mini 3-finger claw for JD. Will it be available for sale on your web site anytime soon?


@wbs00001 It made to order. It's not on the site. I made a pair for someone a while back. I can print you a set if you like. Email me at Anthony@xlrobots.com.