Strange Pop-up On Existing Robot File?


Strange pop-up?
I was operating an established and previously run program on one of my robots when this appeared?
I am not sure what to think about this?
I do not know below name ?
What does this mean?
2009 Jose Manual Menendez Poo

User-inserted image


Looks like you have maybe a virus...


Thank You Richard for responding.
I have not had any other issues?
Running additional scans now.


What I usually do... which maybe is overkill is do a windows restore from maybe a week ago.... I don't use antivirus software because it usually slows the system down and I am not a high risk to viruses (I don't go to weird websites or open spam emails).... I find windows restore gets rid of the virus or Malware.....


Steve, is that a screen from your Windows device and EZ-Builder or from a mobile device with EZ-Mobile?

Honestly, from what I am reading it does not look like a virus, even though his name sounds funny, he seems to be a real software developer and he does have a real "ribboncontrol"

The questions is what are running that caused it? Or what steps in EZ-Builder did you do to make it poop up?

Also, Admiral Haftel is super steamed! Like, don't even talk to him in 10 forward! Tongue


@RichardR, you would probably be deeply shocked at how many creative ways there are to inject malicious malware in unpatched un-weird sites. I highly recommend quality AV protection.


Thanks for responding.
Yes, that is screen view of EZ Builder shot from my IPhone that was operating on my Asus 8.1 laptop.
I can not tell you exacting what command triggered that?
Tried running Lal again, but no pop-up.
I ran several different scans with no threats.
Maybe we can keep this from Admiral Haftel ?
Can you tell me what a "Control ribbon" is?


Do not be alarmed - that is the author of the menu bar which EZ-Builder uses. I actually have never seen the popup before - what did you click on to make it happen? I can check the code to see where it comes from. I won't be removing the authors copyright.

It appears to popup when the bottom of one of the tabs is clicked


private string cr {
get {
return "Professional Ribbon\n\n2009 José Manuel Menéndez Poo\";

/// <summary>
/// Hittest on tab
/// </summary>
/// <returns>true if a tab has been clicked</returns>
internal bool TabHitTest(int x, int y) {

if (Rectangle.FromLTRB(Right - 10, Bottom - 10, Right, Bottom).Contains(x, y)) {

//look for mouse on tabs
foreach (RibbonTab tab in Tabs) {
if (tab.TabBounds.Contains(x, y)) {
ActiveTab = tab;
return true;

return false;


Thank you D.J.,
Great to know it is not a threat!
Thanks for the explanation, it is a great relief.
I can't believe how active and on top of things, you are? Winky Winky