Self Balancing Script


Has anyone built a self balancing robot. I am interested in building one with EZ-Robot. I am interested in the script and how you built it. Thanks for your help.


There is a new component being produced that will make an inverted pendulum robot very easy with EZ-Builder. I don't think anyone had one yet except for ez-robot employees. There will be a component of EZ-Builder that will make it easy to use.


cohran d
new component ?what you mean


@nomad.... the new component is the inverted pendulum






i made the wheel case sofar.the rest is waiting on parts.

wheelbase ez mip


I'm back in calgary and working on the inverted pendulum test this weekend Grin I have jeremie's prototype here to test with. Should get around to it pretty soon



love to see the prototype.


I know I keep professing patience but OMG the wait is killing me. and breath. soon soon Grin