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Controlling Ez-robot From Ez-openbot Without Bluetooth

Assistance Requested

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kishigo claims to have checked these sources:

We are doing a proof of concept project here at DirecTV to see if we can control the ez-robot from our set top boxes. The STB runs an embedded linux but most likely won't have bluetooth capability. Does the ez-robot stack support any other way of pairing? Does ez-openstack run entirely over bluetooth or does it move to tcp-ip once it pairs?

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I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

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Current EZ-B is Wifi, not Bluetooth. Bluetooth was used in the previous now discontinued (but still supported) version.

Instead of EZ-Open Bot, take a look at the Mono SDK which is provided by EZ-robots rather than a community member who does not seem to be actively updating the code:



Thank you for pointing me in the proper direction. Wifi should work for us much better. Smile


If you do this, I may just switch my TV from FiOS to DirectTV. Would love to hear what plans you have (you should be aware that the EZ-B v4 supports its own camera, also connected via WiFi. A mobile camera, viewable on my TV through my DirectTV box (maybe even Picture in Picture?) would be awesome for security, baby or elder care monitoring, and just fun.



One other suggestion. Although obviously your ultimate goal is to have this running on your Linux box, I suggest downloading EZ-Builder for Windows to get an understanding of what EZ-B can accomplish. It will make the functionality exposed by the SDK make much more sense if you see the EZ-Builder equivalents.



I downloaded the mono sdk but the EZ-SDK does not contain source code. It looks like it only contains windows dll and an xml file.

[kishigo@kishigo-centos6 sandbox]$ unzip -l ../../Downloads/EZ-SDK\
Archive: ../../Downloads/EZ-SDK
Length Date Time Name
--------- ---------- ----- ----
78911 01-30-2015 23:04 EZ_B.xml
98304 01-30-2015 23:04 EZ_B.dll
--------- -------
177215 2 files

The link describes using with a raspberry pi but we would prefer to port into our customized linux stack. Is this possible?

Thank you


We have explored the robot via the windows EZ-Builder and believe it will suit our needs for the project. That's why we are looking for a way to drive it from linux. Smile


Ok, I see the apt-get of mono-complete. I'm guessing that's the source lib?
We cross build on centos 6.3, is there a yum rpm for it? Or is it available on Ubuntu linux PC's?

Thank you


DUH, now I get it. I don't think mono is an option here, we are space constrained on our platform and adding a windows compatibility package for the robot will be hard to justify. For POC, maybe though. Frown


You have reached the extent of my knowledge on this. Hopefully DJ will see this and respond. I believe at least one user did get EZ-Open bot to work with the Wifi EZ-B. Certainly won't have access to all features unless someone updates the package, either the original user or someone else (it is open source after all).