Charging Base / How Can Robot Find Charger With Camera Or Map


Ok this is dedicated to making.a charging base for.omnibot 2000. Basically I would like ideas of how to get the robot to go charge when commanded or low battery using map , light beacon or map combination. How could this be done? Any ideas dor charging base that won't make my clean Omnibot Frankenstein? Drawings are great! Thanks. I'll post ideas/ drawings too.


You can use a glyph. Have the robot scan for it. Find it. And then docking will be a bit more difficult. But you really only need to look for the +5 and know that it is docked.


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Ok so maybe a backlit glowing.glyph the.robot would.see in all lighting conditions? Maybe just a couple paddles spread 10th inches apart and when omnibot pressed agianst them it powers on and charges the batteries.


@dj look for.a.+5 ? What do you mean?


one methid i was thinking of ading is line tracking with that the bot just needs to go in a gen direction till it finds the line then it can fowlow it at a steady paice direct to the charger was allso think of adding a barcode scanner and have codes placed alone the lines to tell the bot thats it at junction whatever and todo whatever lige when it gets to the end of the line to the charger there can be a code that stops it lines it up in the doc properly and connects however that maybe


I want a setup that doesn't require too much.modification of the environment. I am cool with hanging a glyph on the wall of each room so.that the robot can orient when it wonders off into another room. No lines on the floor though. That's too much.


I seen online a system once where the cgager projected 3 red dots on the celing and the bot used a cam pointed up and would track the dots like gps maybe something like that would would
cant remember where i seen it but it was online and one of the cheapish 200-400 bots think it was one of them wowe bots or whatever thay called


Here is a link to what i was talking about
TrueTrack Navigation System



Just a thought, you would want the bot to drive over the contacts ( maybe spring loaded ) and not bump into as in your drawing, it is possible that your bot would bounce back if bumping is hard.

I have the ROVIO and the docking system works great.


Yea the paddles I was thinking of would be spring loaded and on a hinge so even if the bot hit hard and bounced back there's like 3 to 4 inch reach on the electrode paddles.