Imoov What Is With All The Boxes?


He looks a little confused ! He says if he had legs he would help !

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Gosh, wish he would! What a boring robot.... Geesh!


yeach and he dont tell whats in the boxes


Lol - the boxes are empty but will soon have robots. We can't keep up with manufacturing in China so we're also manufacturing in our office. Which is why you have been seeing some new ppl building robots Smile


good to hear ez doing great.


Next you need Robots building Robots .... LOL ... No wonder Imoov has that look on his face. He is wondering if He's next to go !


Oh my - I bet he's feeling a little neglected. I've had great plans for him but stuff keeps popping up. When I return to Calgary next week, I'm surely going to give him some attention!


At least a hug.... !