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After 1000's of hrs(between 4 printers) I wanted to evaluate my work by out sourcing a few larger parts to get an idea of the cost to print. A few( 3 people) said my costs are high for my parts. So i went to Shapeways and

Shapeways did a quote via chat while did it online. WOW, is all i have to say. 2 parts i used as examples. The first was the main upper body and the second the base for the backpack. Shapeways quoted my $380 for the body and $220 for the backpack. Basic white, material same as PLA quality no special treatment. The real WOW was with $403.00 for upper body and $266 for backpack! Am i missing something? When i was talking with shapeways i was interested about the material, maybe the material is a big deal...nope. The person on the other end frankly said the base prints and base materials are very similar to the materials used on desktop printers. Granted the details can get much more sharper with the $30,000.00 piece of equipment. I posted a pick of the finished backpack during the chat and asked if the quality looked the same.....Yes, it looks almost identical to what we would be printed for you, then she said that if i added the colors and such the cost would be $580 for a completed Backpack. I just wanted to share this info, The cost of (1) part printed is equal to the entire 90 plus parts im selling for $500.00. Makes you think.

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Here is the Elbow Joint for the XLR-ONE printed by

Shapeways price...$137! my price $18!

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Some people have screwy ideas of how much things cost. I'll bet EZ-Robot staff get messages about their parts costing too much too ..."I can buy an arduino nano for $2.99, your EZ-B costs too much, wah". Which is weird, if I don't like the price of something I just don't buy it. Its not like it is a garage sale. When people email me about a price of something being too much, my reply is, "Ok, thanks for sharing."

I think your prices and products are awesome Anthony! Are you still going to release a Chappie head?


@JustinRatliff Yeah, it's been up on the site for awhile. It's in the Parts dept. Sold 3 already.


Anthony, once a few months ago I did comment on your pricing. However it was just a comment on the parts you offer from other vendors. At that time I was easily finding lower prices. Still, I thought it was great you were offering a complete line of parts needed to complete your robots. I have always felt and still do that your pricing on your original work is very fair and hard to beat.


@dave I know , I remember. I appreciate your input very much. But i wasnt referring to your comment. It was from visitors from the site. Which actually ordered even though they criticized the costs. Go figure?


Heres some shots of the parts before they ship. I always double check them to ensure quality is number one.

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We were looking at integrating 3d printing community to shape always and some other similar services. The cost was very high, which would be a challenge for our community - so we never implemented it. We did inquire about the cost and received a fair response. The cost is associated with the type of printer that they use (in some cases) and the man hours involved. They first inspect the part to ensure that it can be printed. Then they have a human watch your part print - if there's an issue with the print, they respond immediately to alert you of the delay and restart the print. This is a great service for companies who do not have time to print themselves and/or strict deadlines.

It's not a justifiable price for people like us. Because you can buy a printer for as much as they charge. It really only makes sense for companies.

Also, there's tax write off for companies using those services Smile


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