What Cameras Work With The V4 Other Than The Ez-robot Camera?


Im trying to find micro cameras that i can use in my new XLR-AlphA Series. I need to use HD cams that can focus if possible. My only alternative is to use cameras that work separatly from the ez-b V4 and use the double screen setup on the MCU's to use the larger screen for the controls of the robot and the upper small display(cell phone) to display the video.


Until the HD version comes out, I am using 2 different cameras on my inmoov.

2 of Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, 1080p Widescreen Video Calling and Recording

2 of Hercules HD Twist cameras

I like the logitechs better but they are about 5X the size of the Hercules. The hercules is small enough to fit in the eye of the inmoov which is about the same size as the EZ-B camera.

Both of these will require that you remove them from their cases.


The twist is 720P. The Logitech is 1080P.


@d.cochran how are you connecting them to the ezb-v4?Im figuring your using them direct to the pc since the inmoov is stationary. I am looking for a wifi connection to be used with the mobile app.


The only camera that connects directly to the ezb4 is sold in the store here... You can use other cameras with ez builder, but only one plugs in directly to the ezb4....

There are rumours that ez robot will be releasing a wifi "stand alone" camera, however....


The inmoov will be mobile and will have an onboard computer, but no they are not connected to the v4. They are connected to the onboard computer.

There will be 5 of the hd cameras on the inmoov when available which will be used on side back and base of the inmoov.


I hope the rumour is true. I would be all over that.


@David... LOL.... you and me both dude.... Smile I believe DJ has a few more surprises up his sleeve coming over the next little while....

EZ Robot must have gotten a massive order from a large retailer (Brookstone?) so I think it is consuming a lot of the teams time currently... I am sure they will catch up soon enough....


I think you are right. They are definitely swamped right now. Its all good though. I would rather be doing business with someone who is really busy than someone who is hanging on by a thread.


Glad you're all patient with us Smile

We indeed are super swamped. A few new hires etc. I suspect we will have somewhat of a delay and struggle as we continue to grow.