How To: Control Windows Media Player


The keyboard codes remain the same. In my virtual machines they accept my keyboard controls for the Media Player. I use VMware Workstation.


It's the same that I use!
What's going wrong here... I don't understand.
*stress* *stress* *stress*
I'll try to uninstall the media player and instal it again..
It does not make sense.. But, it's windows after all..
Any other suggestion ?


It does not make sense that some of the scripts would work and some would not.

You might want try the alternative method Steve G. shared using WinAmp and CLEver.exe.


Grin Grin Grin Grin

Its so simple... since I had My Main Language set to Portuguese, the Key Commands where different..
So I just set my main Language and keyboard to English, and... That's IT!
I still got my Portuguese and language keyboard installed, and working...

And now my Robot controls Media Player with your Scripts!
Thanks a lot!


That is great to know tevans, I'm so glad you found the solution!

Multilanguage support is not my strong suite unfortunately.