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Reversing Servo

Assistance Requested

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Is there any way of reversing servos in Auto Position when building frames . like there is in horizontal or vertical servo.

It would make it easier to keep track of where I am in the action sequence.




I have found a few conversations, tutorials and activities that may help with your question. Take a look at these links. I've sorted them by what I believe to be most relevant but that is not always the case as I'm still learning.

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in ez builder is a checkbox for reverse dir for servo's

User-inserted image

seems not in auto possition.


The auto position is a different kind of control than the controls which you are referring too. The camera and sliders, etc are based on an user-configured reference point. With the auto position, the reference is itself - meaning 1 degree is all the way to one side, while 180 degrees is all the way to the opposite side.

If you look at a protractor, there is a similar approach to measuring degrees. A protractor is a math tool which presents degrees for measurement. It looks like a half circle - or half moon. The ticks on a protractor are in degrees, much like the servos for auto position. The reference of degrees starts from the left and ends at the right.

1 degree is followed by 2 degree and then 3 degree, so on. You will find 180 degrees in total, making a half circle.

A complete circle is 360 degrees - to give you an idea of how a degree works.

Hope that helps. There is basic information on angles and degrees on the Internet - and can be taught with online courses. I know it's not commonly used in everyday life - which is why using ezrobot can help re-unite you with math via stem education.


Thanks DO. I understand all that im a draftsman an use cad 8 hrs a day.

The issue is that on the hex I have to reverse the numbers when making frames for each side of the body. And it's a bit of a pain without writing down the previous settings.

I guess I can flick through frames.



Ha - oops sorry to have given you all that degree information. You'd be surprised how often it gets misunderstood.

It is a little strange to manually invert the degrees. We had an option for inverting and it created huge problems in testing with the same result. Because it changed the degree reference to be reverse, it caused just as much confusion haha


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@andrew34 ?...Hmmm what's the context of your post, dude... ? I mean what does a picture of inMoov have to do with the theme of this thread? We're happy that you are posting but you should post according to the thread topic...


sorry, i posted it in the wrong thread, it was supposed to be in the We Can Do Better thread where i was saying about inmoov with legs


Thanks DJ Im getting used to the degrees now.

Andre *confused* Grin