I used a frame from China It looks similar to the phoenix. I bought on the Internet for about £60.00 delivered with bearings and screws all the servos I had previously they are mg996r and mg996r . I have an ez-b v 4 a sharp ir sensor an I've ordered some i2c rgb led for eyes
The only issue I have is that 2 servos get hot and I have to let them cool.

I already fried 2 and had to rewire them.



OK here it is
my first youtube upload and my first ezrobot video upload

Attack Action

thanks DJ for help with the script



Here is another video
the fangs need tweaking but you can see the principle


Andre Grin


Perhaps im a rookie here, but how did this post get hijacked with someone else's picture on the header

Not cool man
make your own posts

Andre *confused* *mad*


@drephreak, I agree, your project showcase has been hijacked. I too and others have been a victim of this. Sometimes other forum members don't realize what they are doing and some do. Either way, I think a Project Showcase should highlight that project and not someone else's videos, pictures and concepts of their project that may be related.
They should read the Forum Etiquette section here, http://www.ez-robot.com/Community/Forum/Thread?threadId=321 and start a Project Showcase of their project. Hopefully, he'll remove his posts and video and start his own thread highlighting his robot.

Your robot looks great!



you can ask the person to remove his video,but you need to call him by name.
els he will not now its about him.am sure he didn know the video will be chown,
in your header.he was just excited to see same robot.


@nomad18.08 .... he'll know he's the only one with the "other" video in this thread.... @Bob and @drephreak are correct we (and I have been guilty too) have to stop hijacking other people's threads....


thru but iff you see post #8 this person chould also respond.


Hold on a minute!

I didn't hijacking this thread, in fact I was replying back to @drephreak, with
the video of my Hexapod, who had respond back to my thread a while ago!

I'll gladly remove my video, and not sure how it ended up as the photo on this header?



Chris, don't worry about it at all. Sometimes people get kinda anal and crass around here. However they mean well but you may know the old saying; "The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions".

Anyway, it's great that you took part in the discussion and shared your cool little spider. I thought it was right "on topic" and very appropriate. Heck, there are literally thousands of posts with people showing off what they built that is similar to the these threads OP's robot. I don't know why they chose you to drop the hammer on. Just ignore them and feel free to share your on topic ideas and achievements. Shearing is what this forum is all about. It always helps and is very enjoyable to have someone who is working on something like you and to show off their work and ideas behind it. This is how we learn from each other. I hope you repost your video. I found it to be very informative and cool.

I also hope members stop trying to stifle interaction and speech here. We've lost a few very talented people that were just trying to share their ideas because someone jumped in their shit. They were told they were wrong to present their methods and they would "get over that way of thinking" once they were graced with the presents of an EZB.

As far as your pic getting placed on the topic header it was a function of the computer monitoring this forum. It was ignorant and abusive to imply you had anything to do with it. Common since and social grace is not a requirement for membership here. However not inciting a witch hunt is. *mad*