Hi Fellas.

I haven't been here for a while but have been keeping up from time to time
anyways I wanted to introduce my new robot.

I wanted a nice Hex but I had issues with the Phoenix route so decided EZ-B was the way to go.
So armed with a decent Chinese Aluminium Hex body I set to getting this thing built.

Today it took its first steps. I don't have a name yet but im sure it will come
I put up some videos soon. ive just got to get it all connected again.

Im loving how easy it is to create programs with the EZ-Builder I had it walking in 2 hours

so here it is:
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Im planning some sensors and maybe an attack Mode with fangs on another servo to chase the cats out of my garden.

thanks for reading. I hope the pictures are there this is my first upload...



very cool build robot.

the most smart spider off today calt portas,maybe a name ?


Oh I like this guy! Can't wait to see a video - he's gonna be great


like it. is that an add on lens for the camera if so where is it from


You are correct. It's a 10 deg fishery from that popular bidding site.
I have yet to play with it but it looks pretty good so far




Nice Hexapod, very similar to mine, but mine is in black anodised Aluminum,
see video below. I did find that with a heavy duty battery pack, EZB controller,
and having 20x MG996R servo's ( 18 for legs and 2 for the senors ) did make it very heavy.


I'm running 2x 7.4v 5000 mah making 10000 mah. it lasts about an hour I haven't really timed it. It is quite heavy but it seems to be ok. And the last post should say a 180 deg lens



@cem that's real smooth! Blows away the Intel Hexapods.


@cem , What hexapod frame did you use? It resembles a Phoenix, but appears to be slightly different.



It was from Micro Magic Systems here in the UK, called the MSR-H01 Hexapod.

They don't sell them anymore, but it is based off the Phoenix, I believe?

The Company is owned by Matt Denton, who built the Huge Giant Hexapod back
in 2012, it weighed 1,900kg, stands 2.8m high and has 2.2 litre turbo diesel engine.