Ezrobot Tshirts


Hey, I just noticed one item missing from the store. Ezrobot Tshirts ! What better way to get the word out ! I know I'd love one


That would be awesome Smile


How about ez-robot shoe laces?!


EZ Robot shoes with auto shoe tying *Back to the Future*


Id buy a nice fitted hat and a few t-shirts. I work from home and all I wear 95% of the time is shorts and t-shirts anyway. It would be like a new wardrobe for me...


printed ones

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How about ez-robot shoe laces?!

@DJ you're just being ridicules now.... How am I going to use those with my Velcro shoes? Grin I vote for ez robot underwear.... Getting tired of the ones I buy from Wally World anyway.... Tongue


Let's not forget the "EZ-Robot Back Scratcher" ...

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I would like to have an Ez robot backpack


I would like to have a sheet of vinyl EZ Robot stick-ons with logo and text in different sizes to adorn my many existing (2) and anticipated robots.