Introducing Alan


So very quiet.

Envious is the better word. Winky


@richard, thanks I really would love a 4 car garage, but have managed to make my 2 car work. Here's what is looks like...clean.

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Wow just a little more envious now. Winky

Awesome workspace you have. Smile


Another shameless plug coming your way. As some of you know I've been working on Avengers part 3 and 4, The Infinity Wars. Part 3 is out this coming May and part 4 in 2019. I once again, did make up effects for Gamora.

Here is the first Teaser/trailer for this Epic...

Edit: see post #814 for final trailer



I await these two episodes with a bit of dread: "they" have made no secret about these two films closing the current arc of the MCU. Speculation runs high as to how the characters will be "retired". I, for one, am from a generation that expects its heroes to always triumph, for the ending to always be happy; in short, everything the real world *isn't*.

I'm in no way criticizing the hard work and amazing results the films' creators have accomplished; I'm just sad. I'm one of those people that resist change (ironic that I enjoy technology so much!).

That said: Will, congrats on another triumph! If you get any more feathers in your hat you'll look like a bird! Grin


Wo ho! Yes! What a treat! Thanks Will. That sent chills up my back. Stunning.

Tex, I have to agree. Sadness is coming. However I remember when they blew up the enterprize. I left the traitor sick to my stomach and in shock. However I still remember my exact feeling and how I left the place with my mouth hanging open. Even though it seemed like the end, there was lots still more Star Trek and more Enterprises to come. Then they crashed the damm starship again! *stress* Probably the same thing here.

Thanks for the peek Will. What an honor!


To be honest, I don't remember much of the movie after they blew up the Enterprise. I do know that "Search for Spock" and "Star Trek: Generations" are my least favorite of the movies for the very reason that they destroyed something special (didn't see "Nemesis": I had "hate quit" Star Trek movies when it came out).

But this is not the place to discuss the failings of an old Sci-Fi fan. And besides, it's not over 'til it's over: maybe the MCU series will find a way to close the circle without having the audience leaving the theatre in tears. One can only hope. Smile

SO, Will: what goodies do you have in store for us? Alan? B9 animatronics?


Thanks guys. It’s been a looonng year with these two films. I still have work in December to wrap things up.

2018 will be a catch-up year. Reshoots and pick ups will begin mid year for the last Avengers film. So that leaves the first half of the year. I’m finishing my personal hard core Alan and Alena ( couple weeks away from completion). I’m trying to make CES in Vegas to look for funding for my robots. Then I have to get to B9 rubber parts. I have about 3 months worth of parts to produce :/ then I have been designing Alans body which I will start printing in a few weeks....


Will - is there a way you can bottle and sell your energy? Just *reading* what you are going to do makes me want to take a nap! How do you do it? Or are you an andriod, alien hybrid, robot...? Grin


It seems to be the artists way. It’s a burning need, to create. If I stop creating ( getting sick etc) then I start to wither. I’ve been like this since I was a kid.

Stack on top of that the inability to sleep more than a few hours a day, you have a somewhat full day ahead to be filled with imagination and creativity!

Hopefully burning the candle at both ends doesn’t mean half as long :/