Introducing Alan


Hey guys just a quick plug. The new servo magazine is featuring Legacy FX which is the company I work for when on the Marvel Films. Our history goes back to when Stab Winston was alive and was owner. I worked on many films with them.

It's a great article on animatronics. This is parallel to my career, when I started out in animatronics some 25 years ago. You can see the kind of skill set that you needed and the reason why robotics is very second nature to me.

Funny, on the cover is my friend Connie. She actually is a hair tier/ puncher and is adding hair to the animatronics creature. She laughed that she finally made it into a magazine after all these years...for something she doesn't do! Lol.


I knew you were pretty high on the SFX food chain; should have known you'd be at the very top. Grin

I hope one day I can meet you face-to-face, get you tanked up on your favorite beverage, and coerce you into telling tales of your career. Should you decide to write a book on that topic, please make sure I'm first on the purchase list. Smile


Cool Will. I'll be sure to get this and have a good read. Very interesting stuff. I love it!

Hey you two guys (and anyone else that can) need to make it to Wonderfest 2018 next June in Louisville, KY. There will be a bunch of us B9'er there with our robots. A lot of the guys have already said they were coming with their B9. I've committed on being there with my B9. It would be great to finally meet you two and buy each other a few adult beverages. Grin

Will, you could put Alan in a box and come as a couple. Tongue


Will, I just received that issue in the mail. I will give it a good read. I, and my daughter, would both love to meet you, as well.

Dave, Wonderfest in June 2018, will definitely try to talk my wife into it. Would also like to meet you.


@cparks328, I hope you two make it to the fest. It's always great meeting good people the enjoy same interests. Winky


My mother still lives in Ohio. Maybe I'll try and make a drive down there. Never been to wonderfest before. It would be awsome to meet all of you!


Sweet! Bring Mom!


Sitting in the hotel bored Smile I found this video of the hard core Alan's without their skins or subskull. You can hear how quiet the Dynamixel servos are.


Kind of scary looking ! Must the eyes... The servos are real quiet.... You will miss Alan and Alan.


@Will... I am so jealous of your workshop... I would never need or want to leave the house if I had something like that... Smile

Oh, and the Alan(s) are pretty good too Tongue