Introducing Alan


Holy crap! This is it. This is the greatest most advance android I've ever seen. It was like you pulled it straight out of a freaking awsome sci-fi movie, like you hopped in a Delorian and stole it from the future, the inmoov has nothing on Alan, and ez-robot powered makes it even better, I can't wait to see more, please give us more, you are a true genius, a true professional robotisist and I see a bright future in store for you, bravo bravo keep up this amazing work your doing. =D


Will, this should win you another Emmy! I really cant wait to see more. I'm looking forward to your Kickstarter.


Fantastic job FX! Really! , blows away the inmoov


Thanks Josh


@dave if they were giving out emmys for robots id be a happy guy.


I want one - Now!

Great platform for the imagination and amazing accomplishments coming out of the EZ Robots fraternaty.

The future is truly NOW!


Well said oldbotbuilder!


A few more development shots.

User-inserted image
First stack up of the parts into the head, including the EZB. It all fit!

User-inserted image
Where me jaw?

User-inserted image
Three heads are better than one. Evolution in height.


Grrrrr sideways... Any way to edit pic from forum or do I need to rotate and re upload?


Edit it in paint or something then reload it