Richard R And Bhouston In Make Magazine


Thanks everyone. Make Magazine contacted me about a month ago for information and they wanted me to send my InMoov down to them for photos - not likely! They also contacted Richard and others. They never did commit to who's robot would be in the issue - we had to wait and see. It's amazing how everyone's InMoov looks different while being printed from them same files. I think it's what people do with the eyes that gives each one it's own "personality".


Richard R, bhouston Great work guys, glad to read that your efforts were recognized. As all great robot builders should be.


Congratulations guys. It's cool to see you guys getting recognition for your hard work. I am happy for you both.


@David (and everyone else) thanks... Bob started this whole train rolling with his inMoov.... I think Bob and I happen to be in the right place at the right time for this article... However, I mentioned before that although many people are building inMoovs (arduino style) few are really doing much with them. It's almost like the build itself is the be all to end all of the project. I want to believe that Bob and I got noticed because our inMoovs were doing interesting things... I have seen lots of videos of inMoov but it wasn't until I seen @Bob's inMoov video that I actually saw an inmoov do something other than just move it's joints... Bob inspired me to build one and it seems he has inspired a few more here to do the same...