Just Another Omnibot


Nice job on your omni it looks sharp with the red accents. I'm just getting started on my omni and will also be doing attilt pan head set up. How did to get the cuts so clean around the head?


Thank you

The best part for me is that the red is vinyl. if I get bored of the color I can always replace it with another.

I used a Dremel with a sanding drum. It took a little while but im happy with how clean it came out. My omnibots head doesn't really move all that much vertically... I may try and find a way to get more articulation. The pan/tilt assembly on the head makes a huge difference for the robots personality!


I agree with you on the head making a huge personality difference! here is the white bezel and tape deck i havent whipes them off or cleaned them. The sticker arrangement and tomy logo are the same so it.keeps the.tomy style but makes it cleaner.
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The tires would be the same red and the plastic bezel that replaces the rubber is black.


@robot56 do you still have the omnibot dome? I have been looking for one.


Coolest addition to my project yet! Thank you jstarne1


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New red tracks are in the oven Winky


Hows it going with your project?


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Hey buddy you have treads on the way! Custom red and OEM grey


@ jer361 use a cutting disc and cut it horizontally , cutting just the lip off from the bottom makes it look clean.
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