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Introducing EZ-Robot Team Evangelist

I'm super excited for this idea that we came up with. So many of you recognize our passion to make robotics accessible to everyone. The efforts put into your robotics demonstrates that we're not alone. This got me thinking about ways to spread the word.

Occasionally ez-robot is featured in blogs, magazines and other online media. These media articles generally have a Comments section for user participation. We monitor the ez-robot articles, but haven't done anything with them. That's what got me thinking about empowering our community to share their stories!

Within your Account Settings is a new checkbox to join the evangelist program. When new news or media is posted from external sources, we will email you with directions to participate in sharing a positive story about your experience with EZ-Robot -AND- get your name and robot out there! This is a good opportunity to also share links or videos of your robots to the public.

For example, if we have an article featured in a magazine - you will be asked to visit the article link and write a positive comment about your experience with ez-robot and why others should join our community.... Helping us grow our family and in turn, help change the world with robotics!

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This is an excellent idea and a great way to not only share our stories with EZ-Robot, but a great way to gain more exposure. I'm up for this 100%.

I just signed up for it. I'm more than happy to help spread the word about your Stella products, amazing community, your dedicated efforts (including your team as well), and your company as a whole. Winky


That is so great to hear @Steve! Can't wait to have our first Evangelist launch. Winky


This is a great idea I can't and I sure beats the manual way of telling people about it lol it takes a while to talk to every one lol I've been telling every one I meet about the ez-robot Revolution and how ez to use the software and and how you can make your own personalized robot from practically any old robot toy, animatronic toy, or make a robot from scratch using a 3d printer and custom made cads or from every day materials. So I am all for this idea. The future is here and ez-robot will be the number one team in robotics that is to say that they aren't already in my book lol Go EZ-Robot!


Signed up for the Church of EZ Robot too... Grin


This is great! Wow, I wasn't expecting so many engagements. Thanks everyone!


Your welcome dj, im glad I joined ez-robot and I want the world to know how great your robotics team and the robots u build along with our community's really are


...signed up :-))


I'm in.

I'm a little disappointed with the little crown though. Seems it would be something a little cooler. Lol.

Can't wait to make my first review.


I think the crown means something else. I had one showing up on my posts before I joined the evangelist program.