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Here's the most recent update of EZ-Robot overview. Enjoy!


I have seen some really cool projects with people using the "other" robotic platform, but it's still a far cry from the projects I have seen done with EZ Robot... This video really shows how comprehensive your platform has become.... Bob Houston's inMoov is a great example... I have seen all of Gael's (the inMoov creator) arduino powered inMoov videos and I was impressed.... until I saw Bob's inMoov counting and then I was blown away.... I dare say Bob's inMoov is more impressive than Gaels in the things it can do....

I am sure you could dig and build a fine in ground pool with a shovel.... But if you had access to a backhoe, why would you?

Those who still consider ez robot to be a "toy" are going to have trouble holding that opinion... These videos should help convince even the most avid hard core arduino user that there is something way better, whether they admit it or not... Smile


@Richard, You could plant a bush with a backhoe but a shovel would be easier, cheaper and likely quicker.

It's extremely short sighted to dismiss "other robotic platforms" and use only the EZ-B. However, for run of the mill robots such as your bipeds, hexapods, rovers, inmoovs etc. I agree the EZ-B is likely to give you the ability to carry out many more tasks easier and quicker than another platform.

What I'd like to see more of is Arduino/Pi/Whatever working along side EZ-Bs. Spread the load over other platforms rather than overload the device running EZ-Builder. I use a mix of Arduino and Pi on Jarvis as the EZ-B isn't the most viable solution. I'd also (if I could fund it) mainly use Arduino in the android I've been designing as the EZ-B simply cannot process everything that needs processing. It can, however, instruct everything else what to do.

NB: I'm not trying to put a downer on the EZ-B/EZ-Builder.


That is a great introduction video DJ.

It really does show how versatile and feature rich the whole EZ-Robot platform is. And with all of the wonderful robots built by the community, it was great to see Bob Hustons "InMoov" and Richard R's "InMoov Andrew" included in the video, as they are two of the finest examples of what is achievable with EZ-Robot, and are a couple of my favourites. Im constantly showing off Richard's and Bob's videos to friends and family, and I'll be sure to share you video as well.

It is a nicely made video that's looks professional and is engaging, and is sure to entice new robot builders.

Great job. Smile


Ezrobot was never designed to replace micro controllers. It was designed as a high level controller to manage your low level stuff. The fact is, starting development at the micro controller level is a serious effort with high risk and frustration - chances are your project will never see the light of day, or it will impress no one. Ask 99% of dusty arduino customers!

You start with ezrobot, like rich had done. Slowly grasping the concept of a micro controller. Then realizing the limitations of a micro controller - and finally, learning to combine the strengths of both approaches by connecting ezb to micro controllers.

No matter how you look at it, ezbuilder is our strength. We only have hardware to show off our software.

When you really examine us, we're a software company.


@DJ, excellent video, can I use this video to show in our small community event center? If so, do you have the video in which I can download?


You sure can! You can download any youtube video using Clip Converter - it's great Here's a link:

The raw files of our videos are 1080p large files and too big for hosting. We delete them once they're uploaded.


@DJ, thanks for the tip, worked great!

On another note, don't mean to hijack your thread, what would you recommend for a lower cost Arm/Cortec development board and software?


The stm32 discovery board is good. Development ide and compiler I use gcc


@DJ, you think this would be a nice complete kit to learn and play around with?

STM32 ARM Easy Start Kit

Thanks in advance for your input and guidance!