Surface Pro 3 And Ezb


Just checking if anyone here is running a Surface Pro 3 and the EZB v4? I've really like the touch screen and small Ipad form, but not sure if if the Os (i think 8.1 ) and the CPU are strong enough to run EZ builder and deliver on the load. Anyone see any drawbacks with using this computer/tablet?


Oh man, where have you been... LOL Smile Lot's of us including myself have been using tablets like the ACER W3... I have had mine for over a year now.... The only tablet type that won't work would be one using Windows RT....

#3 under a Well thats good or bad news if you are my wallet. Any thoughts regarding i3,i5, i7, ram etc


No need for an I7 unless you will be using it for slicing. I5 is more than enough. 4GB minimum. I use 16GB but that is overkill unless you are running a very large ez-ai implementation. 8 would be more than enough.


Thanks David!


OK Stupid question here, what do you mean by i3,i5, i7, ram etc? I'm on the cusp of getting a tablet and want to know the best to get also. I understand Ram bit the numbers you use confuse me. *confused*


The "i 3,5,7" refer to the naming of the intel processor, in the old days you just bought by the speed ie 240mhz, then there was dual, and quad core processors xeon etc. Those still excist but they try to use a friendly memorable name like i7 for the everyday processor. Smile The larger the number the faster the processor.


OK, thanks!


@Dave if you are just using the table for ez builder or robotics in general, I recommend the Acer W3.... Dirt cheap (they are all over ebay) and works great with ez builder.... The 32g or 64g both work fine...


Wow. Those are cheap! At that price you could afford a computer onboard any robot big enough to carry it.