A New Dof For Inmoov's Neck/head


You can add your thingiverse profile URL to the ez-robot user account so others can see it and click on it


@Bob.... I hear ya' Can I ask what software you use to design/alter stls? I have been using blender, but I really need to spend more time with it.... I want to learn how to augment and design my own stls....


I've heard good things about freecad: http://www.freecadweb.org/wiki/index.php?title=Screenshots

Blender is a pain in the butt - feels a little clunky and i'm always making mistakes with it. We use Solid Works, but that's too expensive for a home user.

I've tried to use TinkerCAD a few times, but it's a little too dumbed down. It is useful for making real quick stuff - like lego adapters and servo holders: https://www.tinkercad.com/


@DJ Hey, don't knock dumbed down... LOL.... Thanks I'll check Freecad out.... I have to say, I made a coffee mug with blender, but it really isn't that intuitive to use.... I am sure if I spent six months with it I would do ok, but I have better things to do ... like build robots....


I am a beginner and using 123D Design.


I'll check it out @Gilles.... Thanks man...



stunning.i know two robots that can do this whit there head.
and yours is one off them.


Now that my internet is back up! Sometimes I feel like I'm living in the sticks.
Oh wait, I do!

Anyway, Thanks for the tip DJ, I will add my Thingiverse info there.
I've been using that new Onshape CAD, (onshape.com) It's free! (but you can buy an enhanced version). It's quite similar to Solidworks and having used that in the past, Onshape was an easy transition for me. Check it out they have lots of tutorials to get you going.


in all honestly i believe that the inmoov may just be the future of android robotics it wouldn't take very much more for the inmoov to evolve to the perfect stage of android transition, add some latex skin or what ever they use for the skin, some touch/fell pressure sensors, distance sensors, 4-1 orinitational sensors and inverted pendulums and ext. with the edition of ez-ai with a custom human voice modulations and create a female version and BAAAAM, the next best android ever built. it would be like bicentennial man when he transformed from humanoid robot to android all over again lol. who ever is responsible for creating this humanoid robot is a genius and so are every one else who helps in making all the advancements to the model as well. I look forward in seeing the future of the inmoov move (no pun intended) in the right direction, and id love to know how to buy a complete one with legs lol totally worth the money Grin


@ omegaproject,
Have a look at Gael Langevin's site, the modelmaker and sculptor who made the Inmoov project available.

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