A New Dof For Inmoov's Neck/head


I've designed a new neck mechanism for InMoov to add a degree of freedom. It still needs some fine tuning but you'll get the idea.


wow, that's nice.
but what I dont like is the long neck of all Inmoovs.
the head is flying over the body ^^!



That's brilliant!


The inMoov bar has just been raised again. Awesome Bob! Smile


Excellent, I have the impression that Inmoov is in a constant and fast evolving mode
Congratulations Bob.


Great work Bob, love the video.

Helps sell the idea of building the Inmoov, which can be constantly evolving!



Great job Bob!


Thanks for the comments. I will be posting the Part STL's and instructions to make the modification, here and on Thingiverse, sometime over the next few days.


@Bob.... that's very generous of you, thank you... I hope you don't mind if we copy what you've done.... ?

P.S. Sue was very, very impressed and she doesn't know much about robotics at all (just what I have be yammering to her about... which is not much LOL). She said your inMoov moves more life like than mine.... Smile


@ Richard R The whole idea of the InMoov project, this forum and others is about sharing ideas, builds and scripts. Sharing the information for this modification is in keeping with that philosophy. It would be great if you and others modify your robots to include this DOF.