Inmoov With Bosch Motors


I have decided to jump into 3D printing and build a version of the Inmoov robot, here is the printer that I am going to buy, it looks a good spec.

I (personally) have no CAD knowledge, but I would like to convert the arms to the Bosch drives. They would be much more powerful (torque) than the existing servos, being virtually totally silent (I noticed the servo noise in @Aerius video that there was quite a loud holding buzz). The Bosch units already have a worm driven gearbox built in and also a feedback potentiometer. I think the Bosch units would greatly improve the Inmoov arms if a conversion can be done to allow for these these to be used with the current design.

As you have some Bosch drives, David and Richard R what do you guys think?



@Toymaker... that's awesome and the Ultimaker is a primo printer... Smile The HS-805bb's do a pretty good job because most joints on the inMoov are worm gear driven. So for the most part the arms can hold their position without too much trouble and without too much current to the servos in order to do so... But yes, the HS-805bb's being standard hobby servos there will be a bit of buzzing...

I would have to say in order to use those bosch motors for the inMoov's joints, your are going to have to alter the .stl files quite a bit... However, if anyone could do it, it would be you Tony... Smile


@Richard R, I have very little CAD and 3D printer experience, so I guess I will not be able to modify the .stl files. If there is anyone here (or know anyone) that could? I would pay for their effort and supply the Bosch drives (I have around 500 units left in stock).



I think it is a great idea and I have thought about doing the same. I haven't tackled it yet at all so you stepping in here and doing this would be great.

Excellent choice on printer by the way. For the last year now I have wanted to go that route for a printer. The cost is high but I think would be worth it. If I were to get one it would have to wait until about March of next year.

I used to be pretty good at CAD but that was a long time ago and the software has changed so much. I haven't had the time or taken the time to get up to speed on the new software. I really need to do that but have too many other irons in the fire at this point. The bosch motors are very quiet and I would love to use them for the arms. I am printing spare parts for my inmoov now and will get mine up and running. I want to then start modifying the files to use the bosch motors. The largest issue that I see is that these don't have controller boards on them so the cost goes up when using them, but the benefits could be awesome.


David, if you can convert the .stl files, I can supply you with more Bosch motors and I will get another batch of my Bosch Smart Servo PCBs made, so I can also supply you with these (and the pre-programmed PICs), they will make the Bosch drives work like regular servos and they are quite compact. They also have current sensing so can be set to shutdown on overload/stall.

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@Toymaker I noticed you mentioned you [/have around 500 units left in stock]
would you be willing to sell any, please let me know how much with p+p to Gibraltar. I seem to find it difficult to get them shipped to Gib. you can email me at or let me have a link to servo and pcb


@Ben, this stock is for future commercial robots builds. How many are you looking for?



ok that makes sense. to answer your question I need 2. I found an old Emiglio and the EZ servos are a bit weak to lift the arm from the shoulder. if you could give a link to a site or even something similar I would be grateful



Let me see what I can get done. I am about to start printing the shoulders for spare parts. I'll modify the design of the stl files to try to keep the same exterior shape while inserting a Bosch motor into the shoulder joints. These servos are already worm gear driven so it would allow the removal of the rotator joint gears and replacement of them with the Bosch motors.

will let you know how they turn out.


@ Toymaker,

Good idea, I often dreamed of get hold of quiet and powerful servos.

Embed them in joint Inmoov be excellent.