Niek's Omnibot Adventure


i got mine on ebay $125 and other one for $85 both had hard drives
one thing about the eee pc ,it draws about 3 times as much current much more heavy ,so will need a bigger battery and larger batteries to handle the load,i have asus netbook eee model and found all this out
$200 one you found might be new,since thats near the price of one


Could you please look one up on ebay for me then? I didn't already buy the eee pc so there might still be hope


so far none used on ebay,they sell quick


Great video. i wish you a lot of luck with your BOT.


@niek or anyone else
here is a place that sells domes for any size on omnibot its 8 1/4 " with 1/4 " flange

plastic domes any size


anyone looking for 6 volt battery for omnibot ,ebay i see has it for about $55 they are crazy
found a few places for under $10 1 year guarantee $6.80 part # UB645



@niek and others
i designed h-bridge design and pcb boards all info in zip file,made this design awhile back and sold many boards if anyone needs to buy the boards let me know,more that buy the boards the lower the cost to have it made ,boards are in 2 parts ,main reason is that the board is universal
logic circuit on one board and pwm h-bridge on another rated at 60 amp cont,but you can easy remove mosfets to save money,remove 4 of the 8 mosfets give you 30 amps
i dont get money from this and dont need it
files in bmp and sch



My birthday was last sunday so i finished it up in the weekend, my family was really impressed, it even served drinks from my homemade tray!

[img]User-inserted image[/img]

So i'm still in the process of making videos, here is how i did the drive mechanism:


happy birthday,right now i am still in china for a few more days ,1am here
it looks good,i bought 2 of that omnibot and omnibot 2000 i getting from jstarne (josh)
i got a lot of plans for mine adding my LEAF project inside it,plus changing his hands ,plus alot more
i see the little guy likes his IPOD