Lt. Commander Data's Child "lal"


Yes yes...would like to see the head tilt mechanism...


The cradle pivots with almost most of original 2 servos weight below its pivot point.
The 3rd and new servo sits below her neck in the chest area, connected to the cradle with a rod.
Well you saw her topless, now headless!
Thanks for the comments.

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Winky Winky


Very cool work on her neck. She is growing up!


"Lal" has updates including new movement gait to simulate walking, new LED's in her eyes, camera moved to eyebrow, switch attached to a servo that powers servos on after EZB startup, and a TVFirestick.
Hope you like her updates.



Steve! You've been busy! To cool. Love the swagger in her walk. Welcome back!


Steve, I love Lal! I tried years ago to make a robot from a manikin and I found it super, super hard to keep the humanness and integrate all the stuff to make a functional robot but what you keeping doing is just brilliant! Smile

I'd like to hear more about the LEDs for the eyes and mouth. Are the PWM controlled from EZB? As they special LEDs? Her eyes really sparkle how ever you did it.

#47 these video's.


Great work Steve! What is the Ai service that Lal uses in the video, it integrates nicely with your robot.



Her Swagger movement uses forward Auto Position reverse arc with arm and head movement that repeat, and adjusted her dress to flow and move. Thank you

The LED's are very low voltage that came from an auto dealer mailing. I collected them from the other old guys I have coffee with at McDonalds. They are driven from PCSpeaker Sound Servo set at a low scaler setting. Static (no sound) they receive about 0.35-.45 volts and with sound they receive about 1.45 volts connected to white signal wire and ground.
Mouth LED's were a flop, looks like a vampire in low light! Very small area to work with.
Thank you.

Hey Patrick, thank you.

The TVFIRESTICK is an Amazon (Alexa) product that uses a remote with a built in BT microphone. Sells for $49 w/voice. Using a $15 monitor with a HDMI to VGA adapter and audio stereo output. Alexa learns from my past requests. Specs say HDMI required, but also worked with low resolution composite 7" TV using a composite adapter. Firestick requires a USB power supply. It worked on my small ACER Iconia USB port, but the Acer became very warm. I might try a USB power bank making the battery tv with Firestick usable on a robot with no wires.
"Lal" is currently using a BT speaker onboard paired to the Firestick that seems to work ok, but it gave a notice that interferrence issues may occur.
I also have an Echo Dot that requires a wake word.
The voice commands activating WIFI Plugs work directly with Alexa without a WIFI hub.
The TPlink WIFI $25 plugs-in units are very easy to set up and also work on my phone almost anywhere. Thank You.


Wonderful creation, Steve!