Lt. Commander Data's Child "lal"


Patrick, you can add scripts in the camera settings, start tracking.
Keep trying to adjust the color wheel till it works on the object.

rgordon, thank you, I have looked at Goodwill for "Lal" clothes, but a Star Trek uniform is a good idea.


steve S

thanks am trying.


Enjoying a nice spring day with my EZ Robots.
This has been a great Journey and is still advancing.


wow very nice place and robots. Grin


Thank you Patrick,
I discovered EZ Robot in 2012 looking at the Robot Shop website.
My satisfaction with robotics is at a new level.
I like building robots of my own.


me in 2013,have alot to learn.i never learn so much then whit ez robots.


"Lal" shows her new Starfleet dress.
"Data" always wanted her to attend the Academy.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


super cool.


Steve that is awesome! The dress looks really nice on Lal. How about a dramatic video of Lal talking and interacting with Captain Ann Droid? Maybe a skit where Data is missing and the Captain has to enlist Lal to help search for her father by scanning for positronic brain patterns. Be neat to have a mock up of a science station for her to pretend to use......

Oh my ! I have been watching too much Start Trek.... Grin


Very cool Steve! That dress fits her perfectly. What size is it?

@rgordon, there is no such thing as "too much" Star Trek