Lt. Commander Data's Child "lal"


Thank you Justin.
It is a smaller plastic mannequin that is very strong, but lightweight.
I purchased it on Ebay for about $50. I think it stated in stock condition 43" tall.
With the head/neck mod and attached to the Create it is about 48" tall.
I had a larger one ,but went to the smaller unit because I wanted to use the IRobot Create.
The Create handles fairly well, but the 4th wheel causes the cargo bay tailgate to flex some.
I may add an additional aluminum strap to the tailgate for increased rigidity.
The shoulder servos are held in place w aluminum straps. The servo gear is exposed through a center hole drilled in the arm socket, which is inset on the body enough to fit a HD servo horn cut to fit inside that recessed area. The way it fits together offers support to the arm and servo.
Yes the grandsons check her out pretty well. They like having her track them and interact with her.
My wife purchased Lal's clothes for $1 and $2. The top allows access to her EZB positronic brain.
Yes, I plan to add a on/off switch on her back panel.
I can try to find a link to Lal's body if you would like.

Thanks Robot-Doc,
I always liked Lt. Commander Data, so I thought my smaller mannequin could be "Lal".


Steve, I tried to post a comment when you first posted but had trouble with the internet.

I just wanted to say: "WOW!, Steve, you have done it again!"



Thank you Mel and hope you are doing fine.
Lal's training is showing progress, she can now recognize 4 different colored objects using EZ Robot multi color camera tracking.

User-inserted image


steve S

awesome how che recognize colors and objects.
did you use the camera script?


Yes, I followed D.J.'s tutorial on multi-color camera tracking.
Great stuff!
You can modify to your particular robot and adjust to your individual objects to be recognized.
I was surprised after some adjusting, I could use 4 colored objects!


Can you tell I like Star Trek?
I am ordering her own IRobot battery, so she does not have to share with Ann.
Lal's school experience is progressing, but has a way to go.
Does anyone have a faster RSS feed for weather?



steve S

thanks for charing.i dont get mine whit tutorial from dj to work correct.


@Nomad, that's because you need to add some stuff and do a little programming yourself like Steve did....



sorry late replay.ah it needs a script?

steve s
sorry for using your topic.


@Steve S... That is a really cool robot. That was one of my favorite episodes. Maybe you could find a Star Trek kids uniform for her.