Inmoov Project


You punch/press it to kill the power and then twist it in the direction of the arrows to reset the switch back to normal power flow.....


Good idea regarding the panic button. I must remember this when I start building my Inmoov. Sounds a bit scary regarding the shoulder servos and getting it wrong!

You mentioned that you printed it out with ABS, is this recommended?

I was thinking about using ColorFabb copper/bronze for some parts, may be the head? But not sure if it would be OK, given that ColorFabb copper or bronze is heavier than standard PLA.



@cem It's no big deal if you break a part... simply just print another one.... Anyway stuff happens... In my case because I did something stupid....

ABS is supposedly stronger than PLA and that's (ABS) what Gael recommends using... However Bob Houston built his in PLA and to my knowledge hasn't had any more strength related issues than I've had... So I think, as long as you have your printer dialed in correctly for the type of filament you are using you should be fine either way...

I would stick with PLA or ABS if for nothing else but weight reasons.... The gearboxes (particularly the shoulder Piv gearbox) has to lift the entire weight of an arm. The heavier the type of filament you use will add to the total weight that that piv gearbox has to lift... I say keep him light and strong for reliability....


In my case , I use ABS as recommended by Gaël especially for mechanical parts.
Regarding the lids and finish , I would say follow your intuition while keeping in mind the limits imposed by the weight as recommended by Richard .

In any case under normal opperation if a part is too weak (regardless of the material )
You always have control over the number of layers and filling percentage .


@Aerius and @Richard

Thanks for the feedback.



your version looks more friendly, very cool color-design. thanks for your robot project photos.


Tanks Smarty


Bicep and shoulder testing, all control signals from fingers to shoulder are transfer to EZB through HDMI slim cable.


@Aerius Outstanding wiring! Very neat and tidy..... Mine looks like a rat's nest compared to yours.... Smile


Thanks Richard,

It's like a watchmaker's work, time and patience.(you know what I am talking about)

Finally the result is interesting