Inmoov Project


Tanks Richard,
Do you know if Gael have made available the lower portion of stomach to rotate the body?


@Aerius Not that I am aware of... there still isn't a download for it that I can see....


I've asked Gael, a couple of times, when he is going to release the lower stomach parts and he has said that he is not happy with the design and may have to change it. He wants it to be correct the first time so people don't have to modify it in the future.


We often say that we gain experience through practice.
But sometimes this acquisition can be painful.

Yesterday I was testing the new arm of my Inmoov.
Everything was connected properly, or so I thought until suddenly
two of the three shoulder joints are turned on and in the wrong direction.

My first reflex was to stop all by EZ-Builder, but alas, it was too late.
Torn wires, 2 ruined main shoulder parts.
Fortunately all potentiometers are safe.

But what would cause such a disaster?

I had already read on the forum that the connections to a servo motor should not be left unconnected specially the one that controls it.

So after checking all of the servo connections, arm control wires were connected to EZB except the 3 controlling the shoulder. (All servos were already fed by my PS 6 volts 25 amps)

So lessons learned:
Be sure to check not once but twice all connections before powering a circuit.
And know where is the panic button (in my case, the switch PS) if something
unusual happens. Winky


This looks GREAT! and glad to hear you used the Flashforge Dreamer, as I was still debating between this and the Flashforge creator Pro. I think you made my mind up and I going for the Dreamer!

What part of the Inmoov did you start printing out and building first?



I Chris,

I think you will enjoy your 3D printer.

Printing the hand, I believe is a good start. It is a small assembly and it will give you the chance to get use with your printer.

Do not hesitate if you have further questions.


@Aerius Ah sorry dude... I had something similar happen to me... I tried an experiment... which turned out to be very dumb... Hey hindsight is 20/20 right.... Smile I decided to write a script that would set all my servos to position 0 (yes, I mean zero) thinking it would work as an auto release... well it didn't and it broke the left shoulder piv gearbox by trying to over rotate backwards... Even thought I print exclusively in ABS it still broke... So I had to re-print the entire left shoulder (as you know the piv joint connects solidly to the rot joint)... So I had to reprint both gear boxes and connectors...

Lesson learned Grin


@ Richard
I am seriously starting to look to install some sort of limit switch or get electronic feed back signal from critical articulation to avoid those situations.

Maybe small magnet and hall effect sensor would do the job

Signal shutting the power off through a relay might do the job.
any idea?


I installed one of these... Panic Button


Real nice panic button. I bookmark it.
What are the arrows on the cap for?