Using Touch Pad On Mobile Interface


OK, I'm just not getting it. But looking over the controls in Mobile builder I do not see a control for touch pad even though it says its supported. Could someone tell me how the heck I set it up and what controls to use?

Thanks in advance.


The mobile app doesn't have a " Touch Pad"


If you go here and scroll down it says supported controls "Touch Pad (Servo Pad)"


If its future feature....ughhh



You can use the servo touch pad control on the mobile interface. On the interface, add a button like the ABC button, and when you edit the script find "show controls" in the Cheat Sheet and then the ControlCommand() for showcontrol("Servo pad" ) and save it. Then re-save it to the cloud.

Once you open up the mobile app on your phone/tablet and updated your projects, open your project, press the button you added containing the "show servo pad" script, and a new window pops up with the touchpad which you will be able to use.

Hope that helps, and if you need any more help, just shout. Smile


Thank you Steve!


No worries. Winky


Hey Steve,

Just getting around to trying this out and I don't see a ControlCommand for showcontrol Servo pad...I'm using the I still missing something?


Ok i think I got it set up correctly, except inside EZ mobile, says 'this is not yet implemented' fingerpad.


1) it doesn't show up in CheatSheet because it has not been added to a project. Add to project by following instructions here:

2) are you using the latest EZ-Builder for windows?

3) update EZ-Builder mobile as well?