Turning Digital Ports On/off With Speech?


Hello all
When I'm using a Movement Panel the digital ports work (using "set digital" to verify, it turns red when off and green when it's on)
but somehow when I try to use speech control to turn the same port on, it doesn't work.

Can someone test this for me, or is this a possible bug?

Thanks all.


I just tried set(d19,off) for an LED I have with voice rec and it worked ok. Is that what you were asking? Is it recognising your voice command?


hmmm ok That's what I was asking but it's not working for me...yes it is recognizing my voice command...let me try again


Nope didn't work. I also put SayWait("it's working"Winky right after, and SayWait works but the digital port does not turn on...very weird


Are you writing the code as






It's the second one that worked for me.


Im using the second one.


set(D1, ON)
set(D1, OFF)
set(D8, ON)
SayWait("I am turned on"Winky

Nothing happens but the "I am turned on" part Grin


Maybe put a sleep() in between the last digital command and the say"" command to see if that makes a difference.


Try increasing the sleep commands to 1000 .... they may be happening so fast you wouldn't be able to perceive the on/off transition....


Nope same thing. I'll try another computer when I get home.


Also try closing and reloading your project and/or creating a new one and test it again with longer sleep commands...

I assume you got your v4 then?