@r2d2tech01 Thank you! yea i am part of the astromech club Smile this is a combo build of whatever i could get my hands on and i mean whatever! ( example there are parts that i made from old DVD boxes... lol ) some parts ( most ) are from runs on the site and are a mix of everything.... the camera and prox sensors is still a on going issue for me.. currently sensor is under skirt kinda close to leg in front and sweeps back and forth using servo.. camera is in front data port. I used the scooter motors with a belt drive that people reference on the forum.. however i made my own foot drives from scraps around the garage ... they are ugly but work Smile i based them off the plans on the astromech site as well. He is still a work in progress as i am never really ever "done " with him and I try to do stuff with as little help from site to see how i can come up with my own way to figure stuff out and make stuff from scrap as a challenge.. I do alot of stuff by "eye" as well so I am the worst person to ask for specs as I would not really be able to tell ya ( bad i know).
I will try to post more on my build however soon