"dog" The Little Robodog Ez-b V.4


i can see that.did you get inspired by icibie dog?



I just saw on the Google image as you mentioned about icibie. and it was excellent.
but I made dog originally formed accidentally and dogs. after that I tried to pack it with a great view and even then just try to fold and form a flat pvc fit in my idea


Very cool!

Excellent job with his new body too.


Thankyou @EEGbiofeedback not done yet, i had make a cover for his leg now. manual hand made so ia slow progress.


And a dog design might be the very thing to be able to tackle stairs and other obstacles to movement .... awesome ... regards Chris


Chris , yes it is the main thing in thinking to make a design. unfortunately I do not have a 3D printer so the process is quite slow because of hand made and are made from water pipes Pvc material.


User-inserted image
new update, working on head now,,,


It's starting to look like "Charlie"Winky the monkey bot from Germany! Good work man.

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@Doombot wow.. Charlie look awesome...


Your Dog is awsome Man - excellent work :-)