Steve G,
You forced me to login and say "What a cool Bot".
I admire individually created EZ robots!
IRobot offers so much as a platform!
Thank you for sharing.
Steve S Winky Winky



Well, I couldn't have done it without Richards and your own Roomba support for which I am greatfull. Thanks so much for that, and thanks for the compliments. I'm pleased you enjoyed the videos too.

@Steve S.

I'm glad you did stop by buddy. I thought this might be right up your street as I know you like fabricated bots. I'm happy you like him and I'm pleased I could share it. Smile


WOW truly inspirational! Reminds me of when Ez-robot was just starting out and everyone was building their own robots from random parts and bits. The voice fits his look perfectly too Smile I am definitely looking forward to seeing more videos of his progress.

Where did you find the voice from?




I must admit, I wasn't 100% convinced of the voice at first until I heard him talk more and started to make me laugh with how he said certian things. The actual voice is Ivona chipmunk, and using audacity I'll be making some additional sound files of voice samples for addition emotional effects such as laughter ect.

Anyway in pleased you like him Aaron, and thanks for your comments. Smile


Fantastic robot Steve G, great work!




Thanks Tony. Very kind of you to say. I'm pleased you like him. Smile


steve G

the voice ivona chipmunks is that free to use?



No, it's paid for. $40 US.


steve G

ah.ok thanks


Truly cool!