Robo-math Robot Tutoring System With Ez-builder


In my video on kickstarter i mentioned that the XLR-ONE was helping my boys with math. Heres is the updated EZ-Builder file in action. its just a small demo to show what it does. I will post a more detailed video soon.

ROBO-Math Demo

User-inserted image


will the robot play some moves whit the question.excample when your answer,
is wrong,he turns his head to no and yes when correct.
i found the voice a little intimidated.but its a greeat app to play whit.


The voice is "Joey" from Ivonna. I have a kids voice but its a little girl. i am looking for a little boy voice. If i cant find one i like then im going to go back to my voice altered in Sony Soundforge . Thats the original voice used in the videos.


maybe a cartoon voice would be good.


new update video.


woehoe great voice and the idea to give the cargo a diff voice awesome.
you can also ad some cool sounds when kids have the correct answer,excample,
clapping (his name said) or when its wrong.


Personally I think that voice is annoying. Listening to that high pitched wobbly whiny voice while my kid played with it would drive me nuts. *eek*

Other then that this is a great idea and worthy of your talents. I can see this installed in one of your hand held control units.