Ezrobot Elasitc Band Turret


Elastic band turret.
Its cool...
so I made it.

Aiming is hard...

Sorry for garbage quality Tongue
I filmed it on a Galaxy S II X


Hahaha! Love it. Aiming does look challenging. Wonder if some cross-hairs would help?

The thumbs up at the end is great.


Nice work - that should keep the cat happy (if you have one).


Give a boy a stick and he'll turn it into a sword or a gun. I like it !
For improved aiming performance, have you thought about using a colored object, maybe red and then moving the camera grid lines into their narrowest setting. Then have it track the red object until it's centered - then pull the trigger!


@bhouston , That would be super cool! When I get the time I'll post another (hopefully better Tongue) video. I hope to implement:
Multi-elastic loading
A moving base (Maybe attach it to a SIX or something)
Higher elastic velocity
Sturdier barrel
Lighter barrel (or some way of balancing it out. There is a lot of strain on the lever servo)


Use the servospeed command to slow them down so you can aim better.


Actually I'm using a custom Movement Panel to control the turret
The code has this structure for all directions. (In this case it is the forward direction).


IF (GetServo(D1)>1)
ServoDown(D1, 1)

To adjust the speed with this code I can change either the increments for ServoDown or make it sleep for less time.

This code allows me to hold down my keyboard's arrow keys to move the turret, and then let go to stop moving.

Is there a better way to do this?


That script is fine. You can still use servospeed to slow down the movement between each step to give a smoother action. Best to set it in an initialization script rather than each time you move.

I was using very similar script. I changed it to use the repeatwhile() command just because it is a little more elegant, but really works the same.


RepeatWhile(GetServo(D1) >1)

I think you need to mount a laser on the end so it points to where the band will hit at optimal range Smile



Thanks! It works great! Way simpler Smile


Hahaha soooo good. Nice one James! Winky