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How To Convert Integer To Hex

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I wish to convert an integer to Hex. For instance, if I subtract one Hex value from another Hex value, the result is an integer. I would like to get the Hex value of that integer.

Here is the code I have tried:


$val = (0xff - 0x28)

$hex = ToHex($val)

The results I get are:
1: $val = (0xff - 0x28)
2: print($val)

The results I want are: $hex = 0xD7

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How about this command ***edit*** never mind, I see you know of the command already


$hex=ToHex( value ) #converts an integer to hex


Thanks - I found that PrintHex() has a bug because it prints each digit of the value. It's fixed for next release.


Thanks DJ.
Looking forward to the next release.


It'll probably be midnight tonight. I've been working on an update that stores the Example Projects in an All Users folder for public sharing between accounts. It's been requested by schools to share the examples folder - so hopefully that'll be done by this evening and will include your fix


Latest release fixes PrintHex()

Release notes: