What Americans Know About Canada


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I laughed so hard.... Smile
America on Canada
Possibly staged, but still funny nevertheless...


No...definitely not staged.


@Zap... The reason I am laughing is the opposite of what you might think... I barely pay attention to things that happen in Canada (except for ez robot of course)... We're so quiet here I am surprised anyone from anywhere could answer any of those questions. LOL A while back there was a saying or an expression... "it's like Canadian politics, who cares"...
We can't blame you Americans for not knowing things about us, we only have like 3 TV networks and nothing really happens here that is all that exciting to be even news worthy...

***EDIT*** Just google it... Canada has about 7 TV networks... The US looks like it has virtually thousands....


Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. I joked fairly recently that next time I travel out of country that I am going to put Canadian flag sticker on all my luggage and wear a Canadian flag pin. The only flaw in the plan is learning a French Canadian accent to go along with it.....


@Jerry... LOL.... If you get questioned at the airport, don't panic... Just remember the Beaver is our national (animal) symbol, we don't like Celine Dion or Justin Beber, we do like Mike Myers, DJ Sures and William Shatner and sometimes Jim Carrey... Grin Nothing ever happens in Saskatchewan... not sure why we still keep the province to be honest...oh well, Meh. We think Florida should be ours... half the Canadians live there already.... The English part of Canada thinks everyone that lives in Quebec is named Jacques... We invented Basket ball and we think we invented Hockey... Hmmm... We drink Tim Horton's coffee and we say "eh" a lot... Our dollar is called the Loonie and our 2 dollar coin is called the Toonie... Catchy isn't it... Tongue
Most important, if they ask you who the President is... dude it's a trick question!... just answer... I really don't think anyone is actually running the place to be honest... You should be golden then...Winky


The only thing I know about current Canadian politics is former Toronto mayor Rob (Bumble-expletive deleted) Ford, and only because boingboing.com kept reporting on him.



@Alan... Ha, Ha... I forgot about Rob the "crack man" Ford... I was wrong, Canadian politics are interesting... Grin


I don't know a lot about Canada, but here goes:

It is a Beautiful Country.
They are Good Neighbors and Good People.
I guess they fall under Queen Elizabeth's reign.
It is cold and has a lot of snow, ice, and a Very Lot of Water.
I have friends who live in Canada (Mormans).
I have vendors who live in Canada.
D.J. and EZ-robot lives in Canada.
There are Polar Bears, and lots of other animals there.
My favorite TV show is from Canada (RedGreen) over at the Possum Lodge.

I don't know how many I got right, but correct me if I need it.



Thank you for the tips. I'm going to write those down.

My one trip into Canada was a short stay in Vancouver. A very nice city from what I could tell through the bus window between the airport and the ship terminal, LOL. My wife wants to visit Banff, which I hope we get to do soon.

As a side note, the one person who I had to deal with in Quebec was actually named Jacques.


I honeymooned in Banff 20+ years ago, and would definitely go back. Some of the most amazing scenery ever, and much of it easily accessible from parking areas along the roads. My wife blew out her knee on one of our hikes, so the last 4 days we had to take it easy, but don't feel we missed out on anything (and have 900+ slides from a 10 day trip to show for it..).