Galapagos Bot And Adventure Bot Coming Soon To The Online Store


Sweet, the store is slowly beginning to be updated with new products... Smile Great, more choices... now I don't know which one to buy Grin


Are we getting the Hoth Wampa Bot too? Grin
Probably not...

I hope they make a pack of nothing but Legos or something. That'll be useful to us customizers that don't use the complete robot kits but want to integrate EZ-bits into our builds...

I do think it's bizarre that the dev kit camera doesn't have a camera case...


I'd like to see an assortment of EZ-bits as well.


In addition to a bag of bits, a longer extension cable for the camera or an extender jumper to allow two cable to hook together would be nice too..
Can't wait for the release, cc in hand.



What would you like to see in the bag of bits?



What would you like to see in the bag of bits?

Based on my own purchase history and list for my next order, I would say 4 extension bkocks, 4 cubes, 2 mounting plates, a couple of voltage regulators, some servo extension cables, an i2c cable, a camera extension cable.

I may be unique in this, but I have wound up with more lever servos than I need, and not enough rotation servos, so the bits needed to convert back and forth without buying more servos would be a nice addition. I would also like to be able to buy the plastic cases for the ping sensor and camera from my developer's kit.



I'd like to see the humanoid head shell offered.


Thanks @alan. That's good feedback. Our Alan has been putting together bundles, this information will help.

@OldBotBuilder you would want just the plastics of the head? No electronics or servos? Why is that



two new cool bots in it.


i agree all entparts chould be availeble in store.i gess they will be some day.
its good for making your own ideas.


@DJ Sures,

I bought a camera and RGB display when I got the EZ-B4. With the head shell I can put in the camera and eyes. I will need to get the mini servos, but you already offer them separately.

The more pieces to play with, the more fun!