The Ez-ai Forum Is Now Up Come And Join The Discussions


David's EZ-AI forum is up and running and anyone that is interested in an AI that integrates with EZ-Builder should go over and take a look. Also there are opportunities to suggest new features and development ideas which is very neat. Please visit and join the discussions!

You can register to join the forum at

EZ-Robot coupled with EZ-AI is in my humble opinion the way to go if you want to build an advanced robot that does useful stuff.



I agree Tony.... I am in the process of setting it up and wrapping my head around the whole thing... LOL Grin


Cool, Thank you Tony for the plug!


Richard R, it would be great to see you over there at the forum - I think there is an exciting future for the EZ-AI and the perfect fit with EZ-Builder is the icing on the cake!


EZ-Robot employees are more than welcome to join my forum at There are and will be conversations on what people want from an AI in their robots. These might be good conversations for you to be a part of or see because it could give you ideas on improvements to EZ-Builder also.

Just sending out an offer that might help in some area.


@Everyone, if you haven't checked out David's AI you really should take the time to head over to his website and have a serious look at it.... It is a bit to install and has a fair bit of a learning curve, but it is well worth it!.... If I can do it, you can do it.... What David has done here is fantastic hands down so join the forum!... Smile


Glad your up and working Richard R. Also, Merne got his UPC code reader piece working great. I hope he will share his .robo file for others to use. We spent some time getting it to work really well. This piece of the app is really cool and worth checking out by itself.

All are welcome, even non-EZ-Robot users. The application is becoming robot software agnostic soon, so will be a good place to see what others (outside of EZ-Robot) are using EZ-AI for too. Also, if you would like other things added to EZ-AI, there is a place to request new features on the forum.


...Anyone having trouble connecting to the site?


Hey will. I just verified I could hit it. Its that dang new internet provider Smile


I get a secure connection failed message, must be that pesky Avast! agin Frown