Ez-builder App Custom Skins By Xlrobots


Hello all. I am sharing my new skins to inspire you all to get the most out of this awesome software. Just like the old saying, Clothes make the man, same applies to GUI's. Lets face it, there called graphic user interfaces because of the cool graphics. So lets show the world what EZ-Robots bots are controlled with. I will be happy to help anyone who wants to better your app controllers look. Hit me up at my website( www.xlrobots.com) in the forum i will start a EZ-Builder App thread and i help anyway i can.

Heres my newest app setup for the XLR-ONE's interface. New style graphics and a cool Thumb Print scanner to gain access. Enjoy and COMMENT!

EZ-BUilder App Skins

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do you have an ATOM 5000 prossesor in your head?

these skins are stunning.


@Nomad.. I think it's an old Texas Instruments TI/994a. He He.


Clothes don't make the man, just look at what happened to the Emperor when he was given his new clothes Smile

Have you thought about offering your photoshop resources, brushes, gradients etc. that you use plus a few simple tutorials on how to make buttons, borders and that kind of thing?

Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. Teach a man to build a fishing robot and he will eat for a lifetime.


well...something is modern haha


@rich your a pip dude, Emperor' new clothes......ok. It's funny you bring up the tutorials. My new office setup will have many live cams streaming from my work space. I plan on an above workbench cam using a gopro to make 1080i clear tut videos, 1 live cam at the printer setup area,1 cam at the Prototype testing area and 1 cam for general 270 pan of the whole office. I also want to due live webcasts with members on hot robot topics. For example maybe one evening around 8pm est You(Rich) Richard R, Dave S, Josh Starnes have a webcast about EZ-Builder Script writing. We can do a few a month. Doesn't have to be the same guys all the time. But members can participate and give and receive input live. I think it would be a great idea. Also i plan on a weekly video blog like on "Last Man Standing" for XLRobots products,services and news. I'll have the time now to set this up right since the Robot Classes have been set for the end of July 2015. Starting with a 6 week , twice a week camp style setup and then in Sept.2015 once a week courses for 10 week periods. That gives me enough time to get all the XLR-ONE orders out, The 3 new bots built and tested and my office/store completed.

Now i was rambling and i wanted to share a version of the thumb print scan for larger tablets and using your HAND!.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Just a quick mock up to see if it works right and looks believable. ran it on the Samsung 12.2 Pro tab S. Worked nice, longer stay time set to sleep for 1800.